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Updated: Aug 1

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In simple terms: This is a yoga-type experience to align your body, soul and spirit through guided movement physically, stillness of soul and release in spirit to connect in other spiritual realms.

To use other language: This is a yoga-type experience to align your various Chakras or energy centers through guided movement of your body gates, calming of your mind, will & emotions and refocusing of your Third Eye & Crown to enliven in new ways.

What to expect: This is based on simple poses of a Vinyasa flow. (You don’t need to be a practiced yogi, but you will need to be able to flow through basic poses as part of the preparation before this event.) There will be multiple holding (non-movement) moments where you’ll be led into various intentional meditation-contemplation exercises. There will also be music, aromas and frequency-singing bowls to surround the experience. The intention is to collectively step into a safe space of access to realms and connections which have not been opened or available in prior ways for each individual.

Your primary facilitator: Kim Anderson is the curator of which is a series for learning how to engage and operate in the heavenly realms through focused meditations and reframing mental structures.

A couple weeks prior to the retreat, you will be receiving a more detailed process and expectations email regarding our time together, which will cover your preparation and the mystical meaning and foundations of La.Khav.Vat_Yo.Gha.

It is our recommendation that if you are not a yoga practitioner (which is NOT necessary), you learn a few basics before attending. Here are two videos from yogi, Jacky Vogt, that cover the basics:

Spirit Flow Foundation 1 by Jacky Vogt

Spirit Flow Everyday Practice by Jacky Vogt

How does yoga align with meditation? Jacky Explains this extremely well.

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